About DJ Jay Turner

Mobile Disk Jockey

DJ Jay Turner is a mobile disk jockey who began his professional DJ career in the nightclubs of Southern New England (Newport, RI, Boston, and Cape Cod) back in 1986. In fact, since that time, every single penny that Jay has earned has been as a professional DJ.  It's all that he's ever done and he does it well!

In 1989 Jay segue'd (pun intended) into radio.  Since that time Jay has worked at some of the bests stations in the nation doing just about every format there is; Hip Hop, R&B, Classic Rock, Country, Oldies, and even Smooth Jazz.  Jay is currently the co-host of the morning show on Sunny Country 102.5 FM in Santa Maria, CA.  Don't be fooled though, Jay loves to play every kind of music and will work with you to customize the vibe of your event!

An excellent announcer, Jay knows the nuance of brevity! Although his voice can cut through the crowd, Jay is not one of those "lemme hear you say Yeeeeeeeeah" DJs!

Simply put; Jay is one of the most experienced DJs on the Central Coast and there is NO substitue for experience !